Social Media Center

The New Hampshire Department of Safety and its divisions use a variety of social media channels to inform, educate and interact with residents and visitors. Please find a listing of all official Department accounts below.

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Division of Emergency Services and Communications (911)

Division of Motor Vehicles

Division of Fire Safety (Office of the State Fire Marshal)

Division of State Police

Division of Fire Standards and Training & Emergency Medical Services

Office of Highway Safety

Social Media Rules of Engagement

All postings/comments on the Department's social media accounts, in addition to being governed by the terms and conditions established by a respective social media platform, are subject to the following Rules of Engagement, as established by Department policy.

Content meeting any of the following criteria is prohibited:

  • Obscene, threatening, or harassing language;
  • Personal attacks of any kind or offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial, age, or religious group, gender, sexual orientation or disability;
  • Material or comments that may violate copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws;
  • Material or comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity;
  • Material or comments that include personally identifiable private information of any individual;
  • Material or comments that promote any business or political organization or advocate for any political party or affiliation; and
  • Material or comments not directly related to the topic.

The Department may remove comments that contain obscenity, defamation, actual threats, spam, malware links, copyrighted material, or posts that promote illegal activity or illegal discrimination.

In general, the Department encourages all social media users to:

  • Be respectful: Respect other opinions and share your opinions in a respectful way.
  • Be truthful: Don't spread misleading or false information.
  • Be focused: All viewpoints are welcome, but comments should be relevant to the social media page/account, the Department and/or its divisions.

The Department's social media accounts are not monitored 24/7. To report an emergency, call 911.

The views expressed within posted comments do not necessarily reflect those of the Department and the Department does not endorse the comments or opinions provided by visitors to our social media pages. Following/being followed also does not imply endorsement.

Communications exchanged on the Department's social media accounts – whether by a state employee or the general public – may be subject to Right to Know requests under New Hampshire law.

The Department does not exercise any editorial control over the information provided by social media companies and their third-party advertisers.