Media Relations Office

The Department of Safety’s public information liaisons assist members of the news media with obtaining information regarding incidents of public interest.

The Media Relations Office is assigned to the Office of the Commissioner and Office of the Assistant Commissioners. Media Relations is responsible for providing timely, accurate and transparent information regarding the mission of the Department of Safety, including responses to critical incidents and public safety operations. The office issues news releases, holds press conferences, provides spokespersons, and disseminates information through social media to ensure that the public is aware of Department activities and services. The Media Relations Office is available to assist any media outlet with inquiries about the Department or any of its 7 Divisions.


Department Media Contacts

Division Representative Phone/Email

Office of the Commissioner

  • Personnel and administrative matters
  • Critical incidents involving multiple divisions
  • General Department information
  • Office of Highway Safety
Tyler Dumont (603) 223-3641

State Police

  • Marine Patrol
  • Forensic Laboratory
  • Toys for Tots
Amber Lagace (603) 223-8434

Fire Safety

  • Office of the State Fire Marshal
Amy McLaughlin (603) 223-4289

Homeland Security and Emergency Management

  • State Emergency Operations Center
  • Emergency preparedness
  • School safety plans/threats
  • Seabrook Station
Vanessa Palange (603) 223-3620

Emergency Services and Communications

  • N.H. 911
Patrick Cavanaugh (603) 223-4235

Fire Standards and Training & Emergency Medical Services

  • N.H. Fire Academy

Motor Vehicles

  • Driving laws and rules

Bureau of Hearings

Tyler Dumont (603) 223-3641

After Hours

  • All divisions, units and bureaus
  (603) 223-3641