Substance Abuse Reduction Initiatives

This state-supported grant for eligible applicants, including local and county law enforcement agencies, is intended to assist in the creation and execution of operational plans to undertake investigation and apprehension of individuals or organizations that are involved in narcotics and other illegal drug-related drug use and trafficking that is identified by verified statistics and information.

2025 Substance Abuse Reduction Grant

Accepting applications through May 30, 2024 at noon.

All documents must be submitted together to Please follow the submission and titling instructions carefully.

•    Announcement letter
•    2025 Application
•    Scoring Criteria
•    Documentation for Reimbursement of Overtime- DSAD 69 (only to be used with an active grant agreement)
•    Payroll Summary Sheet - DSAD 70 (only to be used with an active grant agreement)
•    Saf-C Rules


Grants Management Bureau
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